​​  Hester's Designs

Hester's Baby Lock 8-thread Evolution Serger can give projects a finished and professional look.  This serger can create ravel-free seams, tight overlock stitches, and decorative edging!

Hester is a pattern making specialist.  She can draft a first pattern manually, alter an existing pattern, and even create a pattern from your own garment when none exist.  

Is your shirt, dress, or suit too small or large?  Hester can take your outfit or pattern and grade it up or down to achieve the perfect fit.  Hester can work with any and all garments for men, women and children.  Hester can also work with any fabric from cotton to silk, woven or knit.

Pattern making is a essential step in achieving a well-fitting outfit whether it be your wedding dress, coat, shirt, pants, or costume.